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Pasture Raised Pigs

Sister Garden is offering half pig shares for the 2021 season. 

The Breed: We raise heritage breed pigs because we value raising livestock on pasture and forested lands. Contemporary pig breeds have been bred to do well in confined spaces without access to the outdoors. Our pigs are a cross of Old English breeds (Tamworth, Durok, Lanrace, Yorkshire) that love to forage. Our pigs have access to pasture and forest throughout each day and spend their time rooting and digging for bugs and vegetation.

The Feed: In addition to the bugs and vegetation from foraging, we supplement with Green Mountain Feed organic pig grain as well as produce scraps from the garden.

The Slaughter: We use the Royal Butcher in Braintree, Vermont to process our pigs. This facility is Humane Handling Certified, Organic Certified, and USDA inspected.


The Meat: You can expect a half pig share to yield about 60-70lbs of meat. Cuts will include bacon, ham, bone-in pork chops, butt roast, ribs, picnic shoulder, ground pork, and stew bones. All meat comes frozen and will be ready for pick-up around the first week of November.

Contact us to reserve your share today!

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